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Get It Half Off Gift Certificates -- Incident Today

Posted on November 27, 2010 at 3:50 PM

Our Half Off Gift Certificates have become very popular among our customers and we are delighted! We have never had an issue, that is until today.

Each "Get It Half Off Certificate" is clearly marked that upon redemption, it is One Per Customer with one order.

Today, we had a family of five to come into our Bianco's and placed an order for $44.44. They presented two of our Get It Half Off Gift Certificates of $20.00 each.

Our Manager on Duty informed them that they could use only one certificate per visit. The wife stated then that they suddenly became two different families and that she would just go outside, then return to the counter and pay for her half with the second $20 Get It Half Off Gift Certificate!

They insisted that we accepted both their certificates which total was $40.00!  Toward their order of $44.00.

We do not mind giving Half Off -- we created the Certificates, however we cannot give our products away for free either.

Well, this is very much uncalled for. Please everyone, let us be considerate of others and please do not present more than one "Get It Half Off Gift Certificate" at one time in one day.

Now, our Gift Cards are totally different -- With our Gift Cards there are no restrictions.

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