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Where's The Love? And Our Feeding the Needy

Posted on November 26, 2010 at 9:56 AM


Where’s the Love People of Kirkwood Hwy and surrounding areas?


Happy Thanksgiving Weekend; To Each and Everyone!



I must say that my family and I had a much needed family get together on Thanksgiving Day. The one missing people were my eldest son, Marshall; His wife and children. However, my Grammy award winning son, Michael flew all the way from California to spend this weekend with us, so did his twin, Jason. Thank God, that Jason is now finding his own path. My knees have grown weary for each time I have dropped on them to pray for Jason and my eyes had cried many a tears for him, constantly asking God, “Please, go and help my son Jason…” My two daughters, my granddaughter and myself had cooked ourselves into a frenzy, but it was all worth it when we all sat down at the dining table to give thanks.



The Bianco Family Helped a Needy Family This Thanksgiving and we look forward to helping more people :


This family we sponsored this Thanksgiving day would have gone without food or a Thanksgiving meal if someone did not reach out and helped. We did with all our love and in all humility.

The Bianco’s family cares. Can you find it in your hearts to care also?

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