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Posted on October 13, 2010 at 3:47 PM

We at Bianco’s pizza work very hard to satisfy you, to make certain that we continue to top our high standards of excellence each and every time and to make it in this business.


We all know there are a million and one pizza parlors out there, but our mission is to stand apart from the rest. We are actually setting a higher bar of standards and others are really taking notice.


Our secret is in the care we take in preparing your meals. Our meals do not come out of a pre-prepared box. We actually work very hard to prepare each meal from scratch for you.


Many of you may know that being Mom – if not at Bianco’s I can be found at my home office and one of the things I do is to monitor my family and employees back at the store just to make certain they are all-right. I am the nurturer, the protector (smile), even when I am not there.


Today, from my remote device I had known that two very well dressed business men were having lunch.

They returned to the desk to tell us,


“Swear to God! (*Hands pointed to Heaven*)…” He began.


“This is the best pizza I have had in my entire life! And the rest of the meal is awesome! If I had known before I would have been here everyday!”


Comments like these we get on a daily basis, but it is always wonderful to hear, each and every time.

However, you really don’t know until you try our pizza and meals.


So, what are you waiting for?


Call us and we will deliver if you cannot come in.


Also, our Crab Fest offer is still on the table. We will get crabs from the suppliers this weekend to supply you. Remember, RSVP Your Crabs!!!


Bianco’s Mom

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